Ensuring a Positive Work Experience

Institutional, Faculty, & Student Roles and Responsibilities to Ensure a Positive Work Experience

Both students and faculty benefit from an environment for graduate students where working conditions are fair and equitable. Employment agreements should be clearly delineated by the first day or work, outlining all terms and conditions. Training and support should be readily available as requested. The work environment should be safe, free of harassment and discrimination. Students who need to consider outside employment are free to openly raise this concern with their advisors.

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Institutional Responsibilities

Appointment Offers

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Faculty Responsibilities



  • Provide access to resources necessary to fulfill the conditions of employment, such as access to relevant data sources, labs, and research equipment


Students study in their respective field

Student Responsibilities


  • Communicate with appropriate individual(s) and/or unit(s) regarding circumstances that your work


  • Perform your graduate assistant responsibilities in a responsible, respectful, and fair manner